Lighthouse Business Solutions is a strategic partner and licensee of
360 Solutions, LLC training and development programs.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for meeting with me recently to discuss my business. Your questions helped me to focus on the most important issues and challenges I am experiencing with my business. Your feedback during and after our meeting was clear and concise and outlined practical steps to improve my success and satisfaction with my business. I won’t hesitate to call on you and Lighthouse Business Solutions for assistance in the future.

Connie S.

The in house staff training Lighthouse Business Solutions presented for our office was tailored to our specific needs yet provided nationally recognized techniques and materials that many major corporations use. That kind of staff training allowed us to perform at the high standards needed for medical offices today. We wanted to focus on patient care not reinventing the wheel of leadership training. Lighthouse Business Solutions was our answer.

Their employee profiles provided insight to all our key people and helped us design our systems to empower each person to give their best, grow to their potential, and make the office flow like a well oiled machine. We will continue to utilize their valuable services as we grow.

Sarah C.

Doug has a deep knowledge of business management and leadership needs. He’s been very helpful in finding solutions for me and my business when I felt stuck. Thank you for your tremendous help!

Gabe M.

You have really made a big change in my life with everything you have taught me and exhibited when I was around you. You are a great teacher and I can tell that you talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s means a lot to me to see you practicing what you preach.

Scott Lynn