Lighthouse Business Solutions has been approved to participate in the University of Oklahoma, Outreach Continual Education Units (CEUs) program for professional development courses. This program is administered by WARDEN Associates, Inc., who has applied 25 years of corporate experience to defining professional development programs that are appropriate for general courses and can be tailored to individual participant needs. OU has accepted use of professional materials developed by 360 Solutions, who provides technical training programs and consulting support through over 500 strategic partners across the globe, including WARDEN and Lighthouse Business Solutions.

CEUs are normally used in licensed fields requiring certification and continual education; Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants. The OU courses recognize that many disciplines, such as Leadership, will never be licensed but have an immediate need for continual education. The expectation is that the OU CEUs will be recognized by employers, associations, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and bankers and lenders, as an indication of the recipients’ dedication to self development and sound professional improvement practices that provides an advantage over the competition. The OU CEU program is being used by groups, industries, and associations to develop certification programs for their professions and personnel. It is flexible to include most industries (Business, Health, IT, Public Safety, etc.) and positions (supervisors, managers, leaders, technicians, etc.). Professional Development courses are non-credit bearing and are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students intending to use courses to satisfy licensed continuing education or professional development requirements are responsible for determining whether courses taken will satisfy such requirements.

Please contact us to arrange CEU credit for any of our Programs.

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